Industrial Design

Original creations of ornamental character that incorporated or applied to an industrial or a handmade product, give it a special appearance, are deemed patentable Industrial Designs.

– Power of attorney. Duly completed with all the applicant’s information including the full name of the representative. It does not require any certification or legalization of signatures. It can be sent by fax or e-mail and later by ordinary mail.

– Priority Document. If priority is claimed there is a 90 days period, as from the filing application date in Uruguay to submit the priority document issued by the Patent Office in the country of origin with its translation into Spanish.

– If priority is claimed and the priority document is not available at the time of the application, the exact information of the priority must be provided: a) country, b) application number and c) date of the application which priority is claimed.

– Industrial Design Document. We have a technical team that prepares Industrial Designs applications.

– The application must contain the following:

– Title

– Applicant’s full name and nationality (if he were a natural person) or place of incorporation (in case of companies) and domicile. In case there are several inventors, information about all of them must be provided.

– Figures and their views.

– The application should be done in Spanish.

Procedure to register Industrial Designs

– The payment of the publication fees can be done together with the application or up to 12 months as from the application date or from the priority being claimed.

– Starting from the date of the publication there is a 60 days period in which objections from third parties can be filed.

Analysis. As from the publication date there is a 120 days period to initiate the analysis before de DNPI. – The Industrial Design application will be studied by the examiners and if no third parties opposition or sua sponte actions are filed the Industrial Design will be granted.

– After the DNPI notifies the registration of the Industrial Design the final concession fees, the title and the first annuity shall be paid.

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