Having an innovative idea is the starting point for a successful company.

During the startup process, entrepreneurs face numerous challenges such as compliance with legal requirements, startup procedures before public offices, the ignorance of the applicable regulations to the activity and existing opportunities and fiscal benefits.

At Fernández Secco we accompany and advice entrepreneurs offering personalized solutions.

In order to do so, we take into account the legal, accounting, taxing and socioeconomic aspects that may have influence when launching a new project.

Our clients find in our services the initial kick-start to shape and give viability to their new undertakings.

The startups department offers the following services:

  • Advice on elaborating business plans.
  • Accounting and tax services and liquidation of social security contributions
  • Counsel on and outsourcing of administrative processes.
  • Advice on the structuring of financing tools.
  • Elaboration of commercial and labor contracts.
  • Incorporation and selling of public limited companies and limited liability companies.
  • Registration of sole proprietorships and creation of de facto corporations.
  • Verification of compliance with specific obligations.

Investing in Uruguay:

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